Why Source Matters

  1. Quality Assurance: When you know where your cannabis comes from, you can assess the quality and safety standards of the cultivator. Generic AF partners with reputable growers who adhere to strict quality control measures.
  2. Consistency: Understanding the source allows you to trust in consistent product quality. Our commitment to transparency means you can rely on a dependable cannabis experience every time.
  3. Safety: It’s essential to be aware of the cultivation methods, pesticides, and testing procedures used. At Generic AF, we prioritize safety and provide detailed information on all our products.
  4. Ethical Sourcing: Supporting ethical and sustainable cannabis cultivation practices benefits both consumers and the environment. We ensure our partners align with these principles.

Why Choose Generic AF?

We understand the importance of knowing your cannabis source, and that’s why we’re dedicated to transparency in all aspects of our business. With Generic AF, you can:

In summary, don’t compromise on knowing the source of your cannabis products. Choose Generic AF for transparency, quality, and peace of mind.

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